Blue-Cyan Gradient Gamey (BCG Gamey for short) is a male contestant in Gamey Battle. He was created by JoeJoeTheAnimator.

Personality Edit

Blue-Cyan Gradient Gamey is a nice and considerable contestant. He is always in a crazy mood. Spouting random words and pulling funny faces is what the other contestants see him doing normally. He hates it when someone calls him dumb, because if someone dares and say he's dim-witted, he will do bad things. No-one knows what 'bad things' Blue-Cyan Gradient Gamey does when he is called dumb.

Trivia Edit

  • Blue-Cyan Gradient Gamey is similar to Toaster from Object Overload, since they are both always in a crazy mood. They both also are normally shown blurting random words and pulling weird faces.
  • His mouth is a cat mouth with a fang sticking out.
  • He is the first gradient Gamey created. He is also the only gradient Gamey created so far.
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